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Amazing Art Comp Alert!

How would you like to win an exclusive drawing by Nick Sharratt?! We have a beautiful drawing Nick drew just for JW Mag up for grabs in the new issue – you can even...

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Be In JW Mag!

How do you fancy having your words in JW Mag? That’s right, thousands of JW fans as well as JW herself could be reading YOUR WORDS! Wowsers! All you need to do is write...

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Writing Comp!

BE A PUBLISHED AUTHOR! Have you entered our biggest ever writing comp yet? Jacky’s writing an exclusive short story to help celebrate 100 issues of JW Mag – and she needs five other stories...

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Little Stars Design Comp!

Have you won our Little Stars Design Comp and nabbed yourself a copy of the book signed by Jacqueline Wilson herself?! Find out soon – the results will be posted later this week! Good...